Premiere: Simone Piazzola is Giorgio Germont in La Traviata at Teatro di Verdura in Palermo


On July 9th Simone Piazzola takes the stage at Teatro di Verdura in Palermo as Giorgio Germont, one of his most cherished roles. This production of Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata is part of the summer season of the Teatro Massimo Foundation.

Simone Piazzola as G. Germont / La Traviata
Simone Piazzola as Giorgio Germont © Photo by SimonePiazzolaBaritono

For the Veronese baritone, each return to the Sicilian capital is always a long-awaited moment: “It is an honor for me to return to Palermo and reprise my beloved role of Germont in La Traviata (…) A role that has given me so much and more. My understanding of the character has matured in time: he should not be seen as a selfish father, but as a man whose priority is the well-being of his family and thus in good faith he seeks the means to provide them the best“, said Simone Piazzola for

With Teatro Massimo Orchestra, Chorus and Ballet.
Conductor: Michele Spotti