Conductor Marit Strindlund Featured in the “Call Me Madame Maestro” Movie


Marit Strindlund is 1 of 8 international female conductors portrayed in the documentary film “Call Me Madame Maestro”. The Gala opening of the film takes place in Stockholm on Oct. 18th, and later the film opens in cinemas all over Sweden on Oct. 22nd.

Marit Strindlund, conductor
Marit Strindlund © Photo by Sandra Lee Pettersson

In the film, the renowned documentary film director Christina Olofson follows eight conductors, and amongst them are JoAnn Falletta, Julia Jones, Anna-Maria Helsing, and Marit Strindlund. 

30 years ago, Olofson did a famous documentary called “Dirigenterna”, and this new film revisits the same questions regarding who is successful as a conductor and whether gender is important in this.