Anders Singh Vesterdahl (accordion) and Henrik Goldschmidt (oboe)

Singh & Goldschmidt is two passionate musicians who pass on their own heartfelt love of music to the audience in a way that delights and amazes. You hear it when the audience chattering leaves the hall after the concert. The music has made an impression and people are busy comparing favorite moments, thoughts and experiences.

Now it is not just two random musicians who join their passion and skills on stage. Henrik Goldschmidt and Anders Singh Vesterdahl is each one of them among the world's best musicians in their field and together - yes, together they are unbeatable.

The duo has its source in the peace-building ensemble The Middle East Peace Orchestra (MEPO), which was founded in 2004 by Henrik Goldschmidt and has toured all over the world since the establishment. The two musicians have played together in MEPO from the beginning, and as they go well together both musically and personally, next step was of course expanding the field with a duo.

In 2008 Singh & Goldschmidt were the composers of the music for the acclaimed dance performance "Universe" – a successful and sold out performance performed for an enthusiastic audience at Takkelloftet at the Opera House in Copenhagen.  The year after Singh & Goldschmidt established the theater concert project “The Others’ Dreams” with Anders Singh Vesterdahl as the composer.

Singh & Goldschmidt has played several hundred church concerts as the music fits beautifully to the church. But just as the sound and timbre vary widely, so does the music. Singh & Goldschmidt masters both the formal as well as the music for the wedding party - and everything in between.

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