Toledo Symphony, January 2016
"Under the guest baton of Giordano Bellincampi, the symphony played with a brilliance and spirit which caused the audience to rise spontaneously to its feet following the resounding echo of the final notes through the Peristyle's arches.

This is not Bellincampi's first triumph in Toledo. The new conductor of the Auckland Philharmonic took Toledo by storm in 2014 with his command of the forces joined for the Verdi Requiem. Friday night was another victory in every sense."

- Wayne F. Anthony, "The Blade". 18 Jan 2016

"When Bellincampi carves out these large gestures, one can feel how much passion he works into the melody."

- Rudolf Hermes, JB Press Der Wester

"It can not be repeated often enough: virtually all concerts with the Duisburg's new music director Giordano Bellincampi are a sensation."

- Ingo Hoddick, rp online, 3 Jan 2013

"Ernest Bloch’s Winter-Spring offered more delicate adventures. Using only expressive hand gestures, the conductor captured the seasonal shift to perfection[....]After the interval came Dvorak's[...]New World Symphony[...]Bellincampi coaxed the orchestra to surge through those heart-stopping sequences."

- William Dart, Weekend Herald, Auckland, 19 May 2012

"Bellincampi scaled the orchestra to perfection..."

- Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

"Duisburg is blessed to have won another great tonal aesthete with Bellincampi"

- Pedro Obiera. GB Press NRZ

"Bellincampi, working without a baton, conducted with notable grace and a sense of musical ease that marked every note and shaped each phrase with sensual touch"

- John Terauds, The Toronto Star

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