W.A. Mozart, Magic Flute, Saigon Opera House
"The first thing to say is that the orchestra under Magnus Loddgard was magnificent throughout. From the first somber chords to the final celebratory forte, with many moods in between, the 43 players (an ideal number for this opera) couldn’t have been bettered, and the pleasure they gave was intense."

- Bradley Winterton, The Saigon Times, 11 Nov 2014

Habbestad, Nenia, Oslo Opera Festival
"At the premier on Monday the performers did a solid job, including the instrumental ensemble under the direction of Magnus Loddgard. Many strong moments arose in the meeting between the character sketches and music, coming from several different time periods."

- Astrid Kvalbein, Aftenposten, 19 Sep 2014

B. Britten,The Rape of Lucretia, The Norwegian State Opera
"As with the staging, the singing proved very strong indeed, without a single weak link in the cast[...] The orchestra also provided some beautiful playing under the direction of Magnus Loddgard."

- Aksel Tollåli, Bachtrack.com, 17 Jan 2013

B. Britten, The Rape of Lucretia, The Norwegian State Opera
"Conductor Magnus Loddgard is a steady hand with the musicians. At its best, Britten’s long and all-encompassing music leaves the ground and flies, and this happens several times during the evening. In this production, the taut ensemble takes exceptionally good care of a densely constructed musical drama."

- Hild Borchgrevink, Dagsavisen, 12 Jan 2013

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