"Wedd is a handsome, athletic presence"

"Wedd fulfils Wagners design" 

"Wedd is up to all the demands of the role and for once act 2 is uncut!"

"One of the most exalting operatic experiences I have had"

- Michael Tanner / The Spectator, 2017

"...his Tristan was astonishingly energetic and mirrored Negus's account of the score" 

"Wedd is passionate and accomplished throughout and in act 3 is astonishingly compelling and explores Tristan's delirium with a vocal and dramatic freedom I haven't seen since René Kollo's final Tristan performance in Berlin 2000"

- Seen and Heard International, 2017

"Wedd's performance grew in power and intensity, to a thrilling climax"

"In the narration in act 3, the moment in the opera which is a true test of a tenors stamina,he was spellbinding"

- Robert Hugill, Opera today, 2013

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