Rosenkavalier, Teatro Municipal de Santiago

“The mariscala of the Irish Celine Byrne was magnificent in every aspect, vocally and actorally; beautiful voice of great ductility, accurate for the role...Great volume, perfect musicality, wide extension and musicality to all test. Great voice, great artist.”

- Confesión en Podemos Hablar, Elmercurio, 2019

Madama Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini, Irish National Opera, March 2019
Superlative Celine Byrne makes INO's Butterfly a memorable experience 
”It was Celine Byrne in the title role of Madama Butterfly, who captured everyone’s heart. The technical challenges of the role are as formidable as its dramatic ones. Byrne effortlessly accomplished both, so much so that we were unaware of either but were drawn irresistibly to her, enchanted by the liquid gold of her voice and her piteous fate. Right from the start, Byrne spun her gossamer thread of melody with such confidence and beauty that we were instantly intoxicated. Her “e questo” as she points her son out to the US Consul Sharpless in Act 2 was nothing short of sublime, rending our hearts in twain. From the touching bloom of first love to desperate waiting, Byrne made her Cio-Cio-San utterly believable, so much so, that the abandonment of her child and her ensuing jigai at the end possessed an ineluctable realism.”

- Andrew Larkin,, 25 March 2019

Die tote Stadt, E. Korngold, Staatstheater Kassel, 23 April 2016
"Celine Byrne muss sich als Marietta erst warm singen, was aber auch der Premierennervosität geschuldet sein kann. Atemberaubend sind ihre wundervoll angesetzen Piano-Töne („Abend sinkt im Hag“) und der aus der Hinterbühne gesungene Warngesang. die Sopranistin ansonsten auch schauspielerisch eindrucksvoll bewältigt."

- Bernd Stopka, Online Musik Magazine, 25 Apr 2016

Die tote Stadt, E. Korngold, Staatstheater Kassel, 23 April 2016
"Celine Byrne starring as Marietta acts as an equalpartner, perfectly balancing lightness, frivolousnessand vulnerability. Her dreamlike voice boasts a lustroustimbre up into the highest registers."

- Werner Fritsch, HNA, 25 Apr 2016

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